Gibson School Systems was founded in 2000 by Dr. Leea Gibson and Mr. Mohammed Aden. Dr. Leea Gibson is an American who came to Ethiopia in 1998 G.C to join her family and contribute to the quality of education in Africa. She has a bachelors degree in education with a focus in English as a second language. She has a masters degree in Educational Administration. Dr. Leea Gibson is a holder of the Ed. D (Doctorate of Education) in Educational Leadership. Dr. Gibson has been a librarian, an English teacher, an English Language Editor for a Major American Magazine, an assistant school principal, and a school director before Gibson Youth Academy.


Mr. Mohammed Aden is a proud Ethiopian businessman who operates successfully in various sectors in Ethiopia. He has a masters degree in Economics. In addition to his business ventures, he is a generous benefactor and contributor to many charities and worthy causes.
Gibson School Systems started with one school in the Bole campus which is now the former central office. The first year, the school had 330 students. Today, Gibson School Systems consists of six kindergartens, seven lower primary schools, and six high schools in Kolfe, Kore, SarBet, Bole Medanealem, Lafto, Bole24 and CMC. In addition to serving thousands of students all across Addis Ababa, Gibson School Systems provides jobs to over 1500 people.

Dr. Leea Gibson and Mr. Mohammed Aden are very grateful to the people who help to make this organization strong every day. Mr. Mohammed Aden and Dr. Leea Gibson are dedicated to continuing the Gibson School Systems as a legacy for years to come.God willing
Years of Experience


Enabling the rising generation, by way of quality education, so as to become productive, socially competent, problem solvers, Developing well -rounded personalities with humane characters, thereby, producing full-fledged, matured Ethiopian citizens who can successfully live and work in peace and harmony both at home and internationally.

Our Mission

Based on the curriculum and policy of the land, providing adequate knowledge, skills, information, talent, attitudes, vision and values for those students enrolled in all grades and levels which will assist them in the building of the nation.

Our Values

Patriotism , decisiveness, honesty, patience, freedom of expression, commitment, equity, effectiveness, quality, participation, excellence, punctuality and strong work ethic.