(Extracurricular Activities)

The school has varoius academic clubs whose members meet every Tuesday in an alternating basis. With the clubs, we strives to develop talents, creativity and good character among learners in order for them to be all-round. Over time, we have observed that learners who perform well in Clubs and Societies are bound to excel academically.


Playing chess helps club members develop their cognitive ability: attention, memory, analysis, and logic; all fundamental building blocks for personal growth.

It also encourages self-assessment, healthy competition, teamwork and preparation as the way to achieve pre-set objectives.

Environmental Club

The Environmental Club aims to raise awareness with regard to environmental issues. Members are taught to care for their environment and are encouraged to get involved in activities that promote sustainability. Club members are also actively involved in recycling.

Health and First Aid Club

In Health and First Aid Club students learn about possible emergencies and emergency plans. They get an opportunity to practice and review emergency plans thus helping them be prepared for different scenarios.
Club members also explore various ways to take care of their health.

Reading Club

Reading is important because it develops the mind. In reading club, students are encouraged to read in order to discover news things, develop their imagination and creativity.
Students can either read silently on their own or read out loud to their fellow club members. They also get an opportunity to share their thoughts on what they have read.

Computer Club

The Computer Club helps students to develop important skills that they can use to further their education. Not only do they develop technical skills, they also gain an understanding of computer science concepts.
Students get an opportunity to problem solve, design, create and present their findings.