French Studies

Gibson School Systems has been teaching French for a good number of years. In 2018 the school partnered with the Embassy of France and Alliance Ethio- Française to ensure quality service is provided to our students and parents in general.

Suitable for all grades (1 to 12).

Classes are held on alternate weekdays for High School students and on Thursdays and Saturdays for the Grades 1-7 students.

The Department coordinators hold degrees in French as a Foreign Language from Mans University (France).

Students must take at least 6 hours lesson per week in their various age groups:

Ages: 5 to 10

Ages: 11 to 15

Age: 16 and above

Other additional levels include:

5_10 Delf prim A1 Diploma

11_15 Delf Junior A1 Diploma

16 and above Delf A1 Diploma