We are proud to announce that we have started special online tutorial program to all students of grade 1 to 12 and you are invited to register your child to attend the program. This program is designed to accommodate all grade 1 to 12 students at a time and it is anticipated that all of our students will join this program and get better education in addition to the face to face and E-learning programs administered in the school systems.

  • This will be a best solution for parents on avoiding the need of home teacher as the students are expected to learn independently without the help of physical teacher .Thus it will enhance the performance of the students academically and build self-confidence of the learners.
  • This is interesting program which is active 24 hours throughout the year and students will learn from anywhere regardless of their geographical location.
  • Regional and National exam taking students of grade 6,8 and 12 will practice hundreds of model and previous national exam questions which enable them to prepare themselves for the upcoming Regional and National exams.
  • What makes this program special is, every lesson and activity are available at the convenient time of the students and there is no need for physical teacher and students can learn independently.
  • In this program the face to face learning is being strengthened, emphasized and given life to meet the curriculum goals through self-practice and understanding.